Your Favorite Anime Characters Keychain Ideas


People mainly see keychains as key-holding devices, but they started as business promotors. These mere metallic ringlets of keys are now personality revealers.

Whether it’s a floral design or a name, a shiny keychain grabs our attention anywhere. Anime keychains also have marked their spot among the fan society. During the pandemic, many amines gained higher views and user ratings. Ultimately, the markets introduced their keychains to keep the fans company.

Since anime keychains appear in higher trends, having some know-how helps you stand out. But how will you know which are the trendy anime keychains? Luckily, an awesome list awaits you!

Kiyoko Haikyuu Keychains

The top favorite anime kiyoko haikyuu is now available in keychains as well. This anime character not only won the hearts but also led keychain production.

Just like the series, the keychain has the enigmatic charm and elegance. You can buy both individual keychains and sets. However, buying a set will help you surprise your friends as nobody can refuse an anime keychain!

Moreover, some websites also provide pre-owned Kiyoko Haikyuu keychains. That makes a great pick for a budget and classy purchase.

Death Note Keychain

The next most popular Netflix anime is Death Note. The fans of this all-time favorite anime couldn’t do without the stylish keychains.

You will find one for every character in the show. Especially, the iconic character L has a great metallic keychain. The Gothic-themed L keychain is versatile for teens, young adults, and L-named fans.

Attack on Titan Keychain

Attack on Titan or AOT keychains also have a growing tendency. Though the series revolves around two main characters Eren and Mikasa, but the variations found for an AOT keychain are surprising.

The characters are acrylic, and the chain ring is crafted from an alloy.  A clear protector envelope creates an illusion of a glass cover. Moreover, you can use it as a gift or as a locker decoration.

Demon Slayer Keychain

Who could forget the classy  slayer keychains? The Demon Slayer keychains are an enduring trend made from acrylic and alloys. These keychains come in acrylics and metallic enamels.

You will find acrylic material covered with a plastic protector for character keychains. Whereas for a metal preference, the Nichirin Blade Sword is worth trying. Users like them for their long-lasting varnish.

Naruto Keychains

Naruto, an all-time favorite anime, is now available in awesome keychains. Whether you want Naruto himself or any other character, you will find it. They are the most sold anime keychains.

Surprisingly, you will also find Naruto’s favorite dish Ichiraku Ramen in an enamel coated keychain.


Trying out a new trend is enjoyable, especially the Anime keychains ideas. The above lists highlight the most popular keychains available online and in street stores.

Many new characters and anime appear every day. Hence, putting forth countless options to choose from. There is no hard stone rule to pick the best anime keychains. Sometimes you buy it because it’s the trend and sometimes scratch an itch.

Some other famous amines are Pokemon, Castlevania, and Berserk. But regardless of your fandom, the keychain is always accessible.

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