Tips on how to choose the ideal retractable system for your pressure washer hose

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Picking the right Retractable system for your pressure washer hose is a must. The perfect reel will be able to withstand the high-speed output and water temperature that comes with pressure washing.

That’s why, when shopping for a hose reel for your pressure washer, you need to consider the essential details. Here are some of the most important ones:


This one is the first and most important detail. After all, you need to buy a reel that can handle the pressure hose. You need to look at the size of the reel to know if it can accommodate the width and length of the hose in a secure way.

It would be a waste if you bought a reel that wasn’t big enough to store the hose. It would also mean that the reel could break at any moment.


Because the pressure applied to the reel will depend on the power of your hose, this one is a very important detail. The chosen reel has to be strong enough that it can handle the water pressure going through the hose without breaking or dangerously bending the hose.


The higher the quality,  the higher the price. Choosing a better-quality pressure hose reel will also mean that the product will last longer than the cheapest ones. Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether price or quality is the top priority.


Depending on the pressure washer hose, you will need different types of reels. A big hose might demand a spring reel while, for a smaller one, a manual reel will suffice. You might even need an electrical reel in some cases.

So, think about what you are going to do with the hose and then choose the reel based on the best type for your situation.


The pressure washer hose can be used in different environments. From the most rugged floor to a simple garden, the best for your needs must be able to complete its job perfectly without breaking apart or leaving marks on the surface.

Decide based on the type of work and the environment you would most likely use this tool. Especially because if you need to wash outside the pre-chosen situations, the pressure washer will still be of use.

The Hose itself

This one might sound a little obvious. However, you should not forget about the hose itself. That’s because some pressure washer reels already come with their own hose. And depending on what you want, you have to consider if both the hose and reel can handle certain types of content, like liquid, oil, and even air.


Although pressure washers with retractable systems are known for their resistance, no product is perfect. They might end up breaking in the first year or having some issue. That’s why having a good warranty will help you. The manufacturer will take responsibility for fixing or exchanging the product in those cases.

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