The Best Human Wigs for All Ladies


Wigs have been around for over three thousand years dating back to the queens of ancient Egypt. The famous queen Nefertiti had her own personalized Nubia wig, which perhaps made her top the list of the most beautiful ladies ever lived.

Today, wigs are a common symbol of professionalism and courage and light up the feministic characteristics of a lady. You can get human wigs as simple add-ons or complex head assets made with utmost care and with tailored tastes to blend very well with different skin tones and body shapes.  However, there is something cool about human wigs that you should know.

Many self-devoted ladies work tirelessly to keep their ego high, constantly refine looks, and move around with confidence. These efforts are squared by the unlimited selection of human wigs out there. Wigs keep you away from saloons for a long time and offer freedom to shift from one style to another during the day.

All Season Straight Lace Front Wigs 

Straight lace wigs are extremely elegant and are appreciated by influencers, musicians, and millions of women across the globe. This fame is attributed to the wig’s styles and length. In most cases, they are available from 10 all the way to 30 inches.

In case you are a workaholic, straight laces should be your favorite option. They are lightweight and more comfortable than other wigs. You can comfortably hop on the beaches during summer with them without fear of dealing with swearing scalps. In winter, the fact that they hang below your shoulder line protects the neck region from the harsh cold.

Stylish Transparent Lace Short Wigs

It is totally fine to move around with a human wig, provided that you take good care of the hair underneath. With transparent lace short human wigs, you can dye, wash or change the style whenever you want.  They are also pre-plucked and very dense (50% denser than natural air).

Another defining characteristic of lace short human wigs is they illuminate facial features. And if you have baby hair, gently style them up with a sticking gel and comb after putting on the wig.

Beautiful Blonde Bob Wigs

Statistically, blond-headed women are considered the most beautiful creations in the world. Just look at Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence; they surely deserve to be called the most elegant ladies on the planet.

Do you want to join that league? A blonde bob wig seems to be the only passcode you need! Blond wigs come in more than thirty shades ranging from ash to golden blond with a lot in between, different lengths and you can be dyed.

Unlike other wigs, with a blonde human wig, you don’t need tons of facial accessories. The wig with a versatile chain and a pair of stud earrings are all you need for a happy day.

There are thousands of human wigs favoring your pocket as well as looks. Visit One More Hair collection to find the best blond bob, straight lace front wigs and transparent lace short wigs.

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