Suffering from Neck Pain: Here’s How Pillows Help

children's pillow + neck pain

Neck pain is a common issue that develops as one age. Many people experience neck pain due to factors like daily stressors or poor sitting and sleeping postures. Additionally, using your computer or mobile phones for extended periods may strain your neck and result in pain. Neck pain may extend to your shoulders and arms and cause you to have a headache or neck stiffness.

Note, you sleep a lot in your bed, so the neck support you will have will affect how you feel. One of the best feelings you will have is resting your head on a comfortable fluffy pillow after a long day. However, you need to ask yourself if your neck support is ideal for you. A pillow should adequately align your neck with your spine to ensure your muscles relax and do not strain.

A Children’s pillow will allow your kids to sleep better and feel better when they wake up in the morning. You need to invest in pillows with great cervical support to help improve rest and alleviate neck pain. Keep reading this article to know how pillows come in handy to treat neck pain.

How Neck Pillows Protect Your Cervical Spine

The human body has seven neck bones that make up the cervical spine. While the spongy cervical disks cushion these bones, the muscles and tendons support them. The cervical spine has a standard shape which is a gentle curve. All factors that cause you to lose the normal neck position for a long time, such as bending or extending your neck during sleep, stress the spine and the supporting structures leading to neck pain.

Neck pillows with solid support and ideal shape are more effective in treating neck pain than regular pillows. Neck pillows support your neck naturally and avoid discomfort. Today, the market has a variety of pillows that can alleviate neck pain and allow you to sleep better. They include water-filled pillows, inflatable pillows, and pillows stuffed with materials like fiber. These pillows enable you to sleep in a manner that maintains your spine’s lordotic curve. Moreover, you can customize the firmness of some pillow types.

Neck Pillow Types

Several factors determine the ideal neck pillow for pain, including preference and cause of pain. Most importantly, your sleep position also determines the best pillow for neck pain. Some of the types are:

  • Neck rolls
  • Horseshoe-shaped
  • D-core


Neck pillows are best utilized when you sleep in your back or sides. When you sleep on your stomach, it will prevent your head and neck from being in a natural posture. Back sleepers should have a medium pillow that prevents forward or backward tilting of the head.

On the other hand, if you sleep on your side, you should get a thicker pillow that will align your nose with your body’s center. Keep in mind that if your seeping position is unnatural, your neck may easily bend or twist and cause neck pain.


No one will know what neck pillow will be ideal for you. To know the best product, you need to identify your sleep posture since each human requires a different pillow to allow for the correct neck position during sleep.

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