Should A Cat’s Food And Water Be Separated?


Food and water bowls for your cat may seem like an arbitrary decision. It’s quite common for owners to put two bowls next to one another. Some cats seem to have no problem with this, but others seem to have a problem adapting. It’s possible that your cat isn’t interested in drinking from the water bowl, so it may toss it over or drop food into the water.

Eating and drinking in the same location can be a dangerous experience for cats who are afraid or jumpy. A gradual shift in the water dish’s distance from the food dish, a few inches at a time, is the best solution. For some cats, especially those already protective of their food or water, separating the bowls right away may cause distress.

Why Do Cats Not Like Water Near Their Food?

The reason behind cats’ dislike of eating in the presence of water can seem petty. This is especially true if the cat suddenly accepts the water after moving it a few feet to the left. Cats have very good reasons for engaging in such a trivial behavior:

Avoiding Predators

It is common for cats in the wild to use multiple locations for drinking, going potty, and eating. That way, other animals won’t be able to detect their scent and invade. This instinct is still present in your indoor cat, despite the absence of predators or rivals.

Avoiding Sickness

It’s not uncommon for cats to eat, sleep, defecate, and drink all in the same place to be infested with disease-causing bacteria. This can quickly lead to the cat becoming ill. You can be sure your cat will appreciate it if you keep all of its things in their designated spots around the house. In your cat’s mind, putting them close together is like inviting illness.

Hiding Places

When cats drink and eat, they become more vulnerable. While their heads are down and they’ll be busy with water or food, it’s unlikely that anyone will notice. Predators have an excellent opportunity to sneak up on them as a result of this.

It will give your cat more choices if you place the water and food bowls in various locations. This creature has the flexibility to eat and drink wherever it chooses, even if that location is in a remote area.

Your cat may feel more secure and less vulnerable if it is a newcomer to your home. While one area may be ‘compromised’ by foot traffic or a loud AC unit, another area will feel safe.

Enjoying Hunting Instincts

Cats are known to eat small, frequent meals throughout the day, not large, infrequent ones. The average day of hunting for a cat will produce 10 to 20 smaller meals, which is unusually high for a mammal like a human. No one meal can be found in the same location. The cat must seek them out.

This means that your cat is more likely to eat and drink when it has to go out and search for it. Your cat will be encouraged to explore your home by having access to water and food in various places. It will have more faith in them if it has to go out of its way to locate them. Finding them was done for you, so it feels more like you’ve already done it.

End Thoughts

If the food bowl is near the water bowl, some cats will not eat from it. Keeping the water dish at least 3-5 feet away from the cat’s food makes it seem like it’s being cautious. Putting a cat watering fountain┬ácan help your cat eat and drink water without any issues. Some cats prefer to drink from any available water source before a water dish is nearby.

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