Key Components of a Suorin Air Pro Pod Kit


One of the most intriguing new items to enter the market in 2022 is the suorin air pro pod. Being one of the smallest pod systems available, it offers several remarkable characteristics.

The Suorin Air Pro Pod has the following important parts:

Drip Tip

This is the part of the electronic cigarette that goes in your mouth. Its purpose is to deliver the best experience possible by shielding your lips from heat and obstructed airflow. The Air Pro features a 510 threaded connector; therefore, most aftermarket drip tips will fit on it.


The coils within the tank evaporate the e-liquid that is in the cartridge. Since it isn’t refillable and is disposable, you’ll have to buy more when it runs out. Two cartridges, each holding 1mL of e-liquid, come with the Air Pro.

Mesh Coil

All of the action takes place in the mesh coil. It is what warms e-juice to around 350°F (177°C), at which point it turns to vapour. This is essential for producing vapour clouds that are delicious and smooth. When you purchase the Air Pro, it already has one mesh coil installed, but you may add additional later if necessary.

Refill Port

You will put your e-liquid into the refill port. The pod’s bottom contains the refill port. You simply unscrew the base and fill with e-liquid. To close, simply screw back onto the pod until you hear it click. If using pre-filled cartridges, just remove the top cap and drop in!

Airflow Hole

On the side of the pod, there is an airflow hole. By rotating it either clockwise or counterclockwise until you hear a click, you may tweak this to obtain your ideal vaping experience. By ensuring that no e-liquid enters your mouth after vaping, this will stop leaks. It also guarantees that you can extract vapour from your Suorin Air Pro Pod System with ease!

Fire Button

This button is used to turn on the appliance and let the cartridge’s vapour out. The gadget will switch on and spew vapour for around 15 seconds after five presses before shutting off on its own. To engage the temperature control mode for about 15 seconds before it automatically turns off once again, push this button five times fast. The gadget can be locked and unlocked by pushing and holding down this button, which prevents it from firing until you unlock it again by doing the same until you hear an audible click.


Depending on the voltage level you choose, the 650mAh battery in this gadget may provide up to 600 puffs each charge (3.4V or 3.6V). Using the USB cord included in the package and the proper power source, this battery may be completely charged in around 30 minutes (wall charger). When ordering this kit from Vapor DNA, you will additionally get an extra replacement pod!


A basic kit for vaping with several functions is the Suorin Air Pro. The compact, elegant appearance is one of its characteristics. This vape starting kit is small enough to fit in your pocket or pocketbook, measuring 71mm x 35mm x 10mm. The Suorin Air Pro has a 420mAh battery inside that can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid for a longer vaping session, despite its compact size and light weight. 700 puffs are possible from each 3mL pre-filled Suorin pod that comes with the Suorin Air Pro.

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