How To Sleep With A High-Density Body Wave Wig


Many wig experts do not recommend sleeping with your high-density body wave wig. But it is possible to sleep with it without damaging it. With the right tools and knowledge sleeping with your body wave lace front wig once in a while is possible. Below are simple guidelines on how to sleep with a high-density body wave wig.

Guidelines on how to sleep with a high-density body wave wig

1. Invest in a satin or silk pillowcase

The type of pillowcase you sleep on plays an essential role in whether your wig will tangle or not. Therefore, if you plan to sleep with your high-density body wave wig, ensure to invest in silk or satin pillowcases. Cotton pillowcases can encourage your wig to tangle. Furthermore, cotton allows the formation of lint on hair. Therefore, the silk or satin pillowcase protects your wig from frizz and friction.

2. Use a silk scarf to wrap around your high-density body wave wig

Another excellent way to sleep with your wig is by wrapping a silk scarf around it. The silk scarf will protect your high-density body wave wig from friction, dryness, frizz, tangles, and knots. The knots and tangles can consume a lot of time to untangle. Therefore, it is crucial to sleep with a silk scarf. The best way to wrap the scarf is by ensuring that the wig’s hair is tied and flat on your head. Placing the hair flat against your head will ensure that all hair under the scarf is in place.

3. Braid your high-density body wave wig

The key point to consider while sleeping with your wig on is to search for means to ensure that friction is completely reduced. You can reduce friction by braiding the hair on the high-density body wave wig. Use clips to keep it in place if you have a short wig. Once braided, your hair has a reduced chance of tangling and knotting.

4. Comb the high-density body wave wig in the morning

There is a high chance that your high-density body wave wig will have some tangles in the morning. Therefore, the best chance you have is to comb the tangles out. If you ignore combing the wig, then it may frizz. Also, you can choose to moisturize it if it appears dry. Generally, friction is bound to happen if you sleep with your wig. The friction may encourage your wig to lose moisture. Thus, it is crucial to moisturize it well in the morning.

5. Give your high-density body wave wig a break

Generally, most wig specialists do not encourage one to sleep with your wigs. Therefore, the best cause of action is to reduce the number of nights or days you sleep with your wig. Regular sleeping with the high-density body wave wig can encourage the formation of split ends and reduced wig longevity.


The high-density body wave wig is fabulous. Therefore, you need to maintain it for a fantastic look. If you wish to sleep with your wig on, ensure not to do it as regularly as possible. Furthermore, the above will help you learn how to sleep with your body wave wig and have minimal damage.

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