Car Headliner Fabric: Things You Need To Know


There are many car owners who probably never knew the name of the material covering their car’s interior roof is known as a headliner. If you’ve been in several vehicles, you’ll notice the headliner fabric looks and feels different sometimes. While these headliner fabrics make the car look beautiful, they’re more than just a decorative car interior design.

Why do manufacturers put headliner fabrics in vehicles?

Outside the obvious aesthetic appeal they give to the car’s interior, headliner fabrics also act as an insulation. They help insulate the car’s interior from the outside heat and increased temperature of the car’s chassis. During cold weather, it helps reduce the effect of heat loss to the chassis.

They are also used to conceal electrical wiring and other components. Underneath your car’s headliner are wires and accessories that would have made the car interior look unattractive.

Cleaning a car’s headliner fabric

As fabrics, these headliners are subject to stains and diets. The type and size of stain would naturally require different cleaning methods.

Spot cleaning

This style of cleaning is best used to clean dirt deposits and little stain marks. A microfiber cloth or small towel should be used to gently wipe away the small deposit of stain. Do this without smearing the stain into a new area on the headliner. Make use of a foam cleaner and apply either directly on the stain spot or on the cleaning cloth. Rub gently until the stain fades or disappears. If it’s proving too stubborn, lather the foam cleaner and apply slight pressure to remove the deep stains.

Surface cleaning

This cleaning method is best for larger stain deposits. Always begin by removing as much surface dirt as you can with a light bristle brush or a clean material. Then, apply the cleaner generously on the headliner. Try not to over-apply it or it’ll saturate the headliner. Better to apply a little and add more as needed. Use the light bristle brush to scrub the surface after a few minutes. Let it dry out to ascertain how clean it is.

Deep cleaning

Some stains just won’t come off, no matter how much you combine spot and surface cleaning on them. When all else fails, deep cleaning remains the last solution to cleaning headliner fabrics. However, it’s important to note that the integrity of the headliner can be affected if not properly done. A steam cleaner is a better way to perform deep cleaning on headliners. You can use it in combination with detergent. To maintain the headliner integrity, perform deep cleaning in small areas, one at a time. Leave to dry completely by opening the doors.


A headliner fabric plays a crucial role in the interior of vehicles. They not only help beautify the space, they act as insulators and help conceal electrical wiring and other car accessories. When they get stained, the nature of dirt would determine the method of cleaning to be applied. Whatever the chosen cleaning method, it should be done to ensure the integrity of the headliner fabric is not compromised.

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